Work Work Work Work Work: Inside 14 of Brooklyn’s Top Coworking Spaces

Brooklyn Magazine, May 11, 2016

Oh, the drudgery: Waking up in the morning, dressing, making coffee, and then putting off your next step—packing yourself into the C train until you hit 34th street—for as long as possible because, then, you’ll be at the office. Bland and uncomfortable, it is still somehow filled with distraction and does the opposite of promoting that sweet, productive spot: the focus zone.

Thankfully, Brooklyn is filled with motivated creative people who have done their best to fix this system. In the past five years, coworking spaces here have taken off. Most are small, personality-filled places whose aim is to support the tailored needs of creative professional (architects, writers, designers, filmmakers, social entrepreneurs) and, in order to do that, one word among their owners kept cropping up: Comfort. People work better when they feel better, they all say. They’re not simply talking about standing desk- or ergonomic-chair comfort, they’re talking living room comforts, with couches and rugs and additional creature comforts like full kitchens that come with bottomless coffee, tea, and shared snacks. These places also offer flexibility—many are open 24 hours a day—and with both private and open pockets (phone booths on one hand, and big open spaces on the other), cross-creative collaborations emerge naturally. And, let’s not forget Vitamin D! Lots of these coworking centers have peaceful outdoor refuges attached, like roof gardens and patios out back, so you may remember you are a person on Earth, not a soul-less office drone.

So, independent workers of Brooklyn, meet your new and improved office of the future and—if these owners are right—look for your options to continue to expand, as coworking really becomes the standard everywhere rather than the niche exception for Brooklyn creative professionals.


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